Corporate Design

We go through all parts of corporate design respecting modern and future design tendences.
We dive into architecture and fashion design to create individual, sustainable and holistic concepts, for individuals as well as corporations.

Giulia & Romeo Fashion, Munich – Logo Design – Claim – Webpage – Corporate Design – Advertising – Social Media – Photography © Arton Sefa

Tea House – Tushita Gallery, Munich

Elbcontor, Building survey, Dresden

Lico, Helicopter ans Space Industry, Munich – Logo Design – Corporate Design – Web Design – Exhibition stand

Hito administration, Munich

Kante Bar Restaurant, Berlin

Herz American Bar, Dresden

Alte Post Real Estate, Berlin

Aerostaff Training GmbH, Munich, Hamburg

Forum Steglitz Real Estate, Berlin

Giesinger Bahnhof, Culture Center, Munich

Ruby Store, Munich

Tanzplattform Deutschland, Munich

Octane Capital, Munich, Cologn

Stadtmagazin Self Storage, Essen

Startmeup, Financial Service, Munich

Formstelle Interior Design, Grünwald

Kai Hanke Painter, Traunstein

Cambridge Institut, language institute, Munich

Me and the Cubes, Kunstmann Publisher, Munich

Lerici Music Festival, Lerici